1 Dozen Crochet Amigurumi Owls!

Back in May I had a commission to make a DOZEN crocheted Amigurumi Owls. A DOZEN. SO MANY HOOTS!

The amigurumi Owl pattern is my own famous (hopefully? one day?) pattern. These little guys, dubbed “Tea Owls” are mascots to my sister blog, The Oolong Owl. I make so many of these amigurumi owls for myself – I love owls and I just about have the pattern memorized.

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (10)

I’m a big Knitpicks fan, and love their Chroma yarn line, a wool/nylon blend, colour-transitioning yarn in worsted and fingering weight. It is a little hard to work with as it is single ply, but looks amazing with small amigurumi. I had to match the wing colours with other yarn, as if I tried to pool the wings that would of been too much precious Chroma yarn wasted. The price for this colorful ombre yarn is competitively priced compared to other yarn sellers.

The yarn and colours used for 1 dozen Crochet Amigurumi Owls:

  • Knitpicks Chroma Worsted in Guppy (The colourway “Guppy” is discontinued at the time I write this. Maybe it is seasonal?)
  • Knitpicks Swish Worsted in Gulfstream
  • Bernat Lana Cream 100% worsted wool from my stash (discontinued)
  • Unknown brand pale yellow worsted yarn (not pictured) That orange yarn pictured wasn’t used, though I was considering it an alternate for wings.

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (1)

I do well crocheting in a large assembly-line. So I hammered out a whole bunch of amigurumi owl bodies first. When I was bored, I’d stuff a few, make a wing. Like other commissions and doing a large batch, I like to try and have a couple close to done so the buyer can see what they look like, other than a whole bunch of random crocheted bits and bobbles.

First week, I had this much done:

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (2)

After getting more than half the bodies done, I decided to make a few feet, then ended up crocheting all the feet in one sitting as I got my groove on while on a kdrama binge. I had tight feeling fingers after making 24 feet, but got it done! Already, I am really happy how this yarn colourway is looking – all the owls look fantastic with many have a bit of every colour change in the yarn.

Second week I mostly dealt with tails and wings. The wings turned out to be the most boring part of making 1 dozen amigurumi owls. Again, 24 wings were needed, the wings are small and I had to do a tighter gauge to make them size right. Knitpicks Chroma is a thinner worsted weight yarn and I didn’t expect my wing yarn to be a thicker worsted weight! For the tails I used the Chroma yarn – I’d do one or two after completing a body, trying to match the tail that was the same colour as the Amigurumi Owl’s butt.

In between getting spirally eyes crocheting owl wings, I started sewing amigurumi owl parts together.

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (3)

The third week I spent making the last tails and wings, along with sewing the rest of the amigurumi owls parts together. The last step was attaching all those tiny orange beaks.

In the end – 1 Dozen Amigurumi Owls Complete! TEA OWL ASSEMBLE!

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (4)

Awww, the amigurumi owls are so well behaved and line up in formation!

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (6)

A few of the amigurumi owls look identical, with the luck of the draw of the colourway landing the same. I tried to vary a bit with crocheting from the other end of the ball, though I don’t think that made much difference since I got an even amount of amigurumi owls per ball.

There were a few amigurumi owls that had some unique colouring with the light tipped yellow and orange heads.

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (9)

I can totally spot a trouble maker amigurumi owl. That orange one in the back is a mischief maker!

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (5)

These amigurumi owls don’t seem to make good cheerleaders. They can’t form a pyramid without topping over, creating hooting chaos.

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (8)

Oh no! There’s a little amigurumi owl on the bottom getting his face stepped on!

1 dozen amigurumi owls - awkwardsouldesigns (7)

In the end – feel free to experiment with some of the interesting yarn colours out there for your amigurumi creations. Also, pace yourself when making mass amounts of crocheted items – your hands will thank you later!

If you want to make some Amigurumi Owls of your own, hit up my shop for the pattern!

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