Amigurumi yarn review – Schachenmayr Nomotta Micro

I can’t even pronounce the brand of this yarn >__<

My awesome local yarn store (Dressew on Hastings Street, Vancouver Canada) does these yarn sales where all yarn is $1.99 a ball. I’m all over that! With that sale, I get access to nice yarn without killing my bank account – heh, the yarn addiction is not hurting me!

Schachenmayr Nomotta – Micro yarn (SN Micro for short for this review)

I have both it in Bamboo and just “Micro”. The bamboo is 50%.. bamboo whereas the “Micro” is 100% acrylic microfiber. The yarn weight isn’t listed specifically in English on the package, but it is probably either a baby/sport or DK. It states “3-4” on the label.. but I’m not sure if that is mm hook size or something else.

First impression of SN Micro is it is a simple, cute, fine yarn of good quality. Not the frizzy squeaky baby yarn one would see at Walmart.

SN bamboo 2

SN bamboo 1

Ok… the skeins do not look like that when you buy it. Last few weeks I have been distracted by my boyfriend, who is visiting from southern California. He went all OCD and got into my yarn stash and rolled as much as he could into balls.

SN bamboo 4 isn’t he just adorable? And he’s untangling the SN micro yarn!

Now onto the review, in the perspective of using SN Micro for making Amigurumi:

+ Great range of bright and pastel colours
+ Soft and silky with a shiney finish
+ Not too fuzzy

My LYS had a great selection, practically a rainbow of colours of this cute yarn! It has a nice sheen, my little amigurumi octopi is just glowing! SN Micro does not feel cheapy scratchy horrible – flows smoothly through my fingers when crocheting.

SN bamboo 3

– Tangles badly
– Splits easily as it is loosely constructed

You can somewhat see it in the picture above, when the yarn is not taut it spreads out into 4 strands. The yarn construction is fine, but you have to be very vigilant to snag all the strands as well as protect loose ends as they will unravel.

From watching my boyfriend roll SN Micro into balls, the unravelyness of the yarn makes for some wicked tangles. Very easy to have the yarn split in mid-strand and loop inside other bits to make a massive mess that only OCD or scissors will fix.

With that said, SN Micro is a great, thin yarn for making tiny amigurumi. For my projects I’ve been getting away with a 2.5mm hook without stuffing showing. The colour range is great – bright colours to choose from to perk up your amigurumi projects.

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  1. I agree about how wonderful this wool is. Now that you and I bought out Dressew, do you have a source? I need one ball, maybe two (or maybe a lifetime’s worth) of royal blue micro.

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