DAVIDsTEA Steeper Cozy Crochet – Free Pattern

I LOVE my DAVIDsTea Steeper. I use the Steeper every day, multiple times a day, for about 85% of all the tea I drink. I’ve taken my Steeper with me when I go on vacations! My father bought one so I have one there for when I visit him. This tea steeping device is serious business.

Don’t know what it is?

Here’s my Steeper! Mine’s all tea stained and I was too lazy to baking soda it pretty. Sorry peeps.

You put the loose tea leaves inside the Steeper. Pour hot water. Steep your tea for as directed by the tea. Stick Steeper ontop of mug and the tea pours out from underneath! Whooo!!! No spills or burnt hands!

Of course, you can buy the Steeper from DAVIDsTEA ♥ along with some tea. Their teas are great btw. My all time favorites are Cherry Blossom, Chocolate Orange, Goji Pop, Chocolate Rocket and The Skinny. My rabbit approves (of their boxes)!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM8Y_U1zPzE]

♥ I created a crochet cozy pattern for my Steeper! The pattern is actually fairly easy to make and it fits nice and snug over the Steeper. I used an acrylic yarn here (what I had on hand) but I think wool would work better to retain heat. There is no seaming in this pattern, and the cozy is held in place by a button. The Steeper Cozy provides a fun canvas to add funky buttons, colourwork and bling! ♥

My Steeper Cozy pattern is for the 18oz Steeper only! I’d do a 36oz cozy version, but I don’t own that size to make a pattern for it. If anyone wants to donate me a 36oz Steeper, that be pretty cool ♥♥♥

To get this pattern, click download now which will direct you to Ravelry for a copy of the PDF pattern. Or visit the Ravelry Project page and download it from there.

I made myself 2 different cozies. This DT aqua blue one:

And this white one, inspired by DAVIDsTEA’s “Cherry Blossom” white tea, one of my favorite teas of theirs!

I linked a few embellishment ideas on the pattern, however feel free to go crazy and let your favorite teas inspire you!

This pattern is Free! If you make this, please post to the Ravelry project page or link it to me in the comments below! I wanna see the fun embellishments!

Also, I’m Awkward Soul over on Steepster.com, feel free to pop by and say hello!

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