Dolphin Amigurumi *splash splash*

I find it very odd that all my current online published patterns are sea creatures. Okay Okay, I love octopi – I had to make a pattern. Jellyfish was a good second. The Orca pattern came about because my boyfriend wanted one.

Dolphin? Eeeeeh, I guess a test in skill on my shaping ability. That and I couldn’t find a dolphin pattern that was more cutesy. Personally, I’m not one for realism in the amigurumi I create. Realistic crocheted creatures look great, don’t get me wrong, but I like simplicity and cuteness <3

Dolphin Amigurumi 2

Unfortunately, this Dolphin is not as simple as my previous patterns. >__<
First was making the mouth not look like a nipple O__O that was difficult. Of course, a nipple mouth would of been easier, and I could of join the bandwagon of feminist-inspired stuff I could show off at work, but really – that doesn’t look like a dolphin, especially cute ones. Next was keeping the body in a dolphin shape, without making it too round or long ‘n realistic.

Finally – the tail was a pain! I frogged the thing about 6 times until I got the shape and length just right. I ended up with too many skinny tails with adding extra rows and decreases. Crochet can do some magical things with well placed increases or decreases… and sometimes it just fails altogether.

One thing that I regret was not making the tummy white. I just didn’t feel like colour changing that much, as it is constructed in a long shape. However, I might try it in the future, with blue and white. That would look cute (and be a terror to crochet)

With that said, it’s a cute pattern for someone who wants more sea critters (especially cute ones) . Not a beginner’s crocheter pattern, but still easier to follow than the more realistic dolphin patterns out there.

The pattern is up at Etsy for $3.50 usd.
Dolphin Amigurumi 3

*splash splash*

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