I love it when my nails match….

I love it when my nails match my crochet or knitting project. See below:

<3 <3 <3 I LOVE IT! <3 <3 <3

I've started making Dragon Fly Wings (ravelry link) for something to do on the skytrain or my work breaks. The last few days I was doing amigurumi, but I found it to be tedious as I’d lose parts, or my scissors, or need to put it down until I had access to my doll eyes and stuffing.
So far, the pattern is pretty straight forward (and good for a free pattern).

I found this wonderful yarn, Shadow Lace in “Foxtrot” from KnitPicks and I had to buy it. When I was in California with my fiance, he rolled the hanks into balls (his favourite job).

Oh.. and the amazing polish I’m wearing? Magnetic polish! <3

I snagged the Layla “Turquoise Wave” from London Drugs and the LCN “Iron Magic” and “Fushia Attraction” (which I’m wearing) with a star magnet from NailPolishCanada. Magnetic polish is overall pricey, but the end result is a neat effect.

Too bad I don’t have an amigurumi project I’m working on that is a lavendery purple. At the moment for amigurumi I’m in a “Mass production/ Orca breeding pit” mode.

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