New Pattern Coming + Facebook page!

Hey my crafty friends!

It has been long overdue, but I finally created a facebook page for my blog and pattern store!

Please visit! Like! Stay up to date with new posts and see my random posts!
Awkward Soul Designs Facebook Page!

In addition, I got a new amigurumi pattern coming out soon. If you’ve been following my blog there is a pattern that I’ve been working on for awhile that has been through like 9 or 12 revisions. I kinda lost count on how many times I’ve redone this pattern.

When will the pattern be out? The written pattern is complete. I need to check one row (that I forgot to count for the colour chart, doh). I also need to do some more photos and maybe crochet a few more of this creature for the pictures. Actually, I made 3 of these guys already, but they are pretty simple to make and easy to customize so I just want to keep making more! Good chance that I will be selling a couple of the demos as well.


Preview pic March 2013

Hopefully the picture doesn’t give too much away. Actually, I’m not sure what this is just by looking at the picture. It’s got big eyes and blue. You can guess, but I’m not telling until the pattern is up!

2 thoughts on “New Pattern Coming + Facebook page!

  1. I can’t quite tell what it is, either, but I like that shade of blue.

    You have some absolutely ADORABLE stuff! When I can gather a few spare dollars, I have to get your Turt the Turtle pattern. Also, your rabbit is precious. I always wanted a pet bunny rabbit, but I have the feeling that my kitties wouldn’t handle a bunny very well. The old cat would be cranky that I let another fuzzy creature into the house, and the young cat would get… Well, it would be bad. That’s no fun.

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