RAWR! Triceratops Amigurumi Pattern

My husband loves dinosaurs – as a kid he wanted to be a dinosaur paleontologist. I’ve been capitalizing on the idea by buying him dinosaur themed things. I eventually had the idea to do a Dinosaur amigurumi, which was well received.

I admit, the triceratops amigurumi came out pretty cute!

triceratops amigurumi by awkward soul designs

Thankfully, the triceratops took only 2 attempts on the body, head and tail to design. I constructed this pattern to try and keep the body shape “realistic” but also chubby cute. There is also subtle shaping on the legs so the dino can stand on its own and with no weird splayed out leggies. I included two instructions for the frill, but I’m sure one could play with it a bit more to get other styles of Triceratops. One could also easily adjust the length of the tail and horns.

triceratops amigurumi by awkwardsoul designs

The horn construction was a little tricky. As much as I wanted to keep it the same yarn weight, I couldn’t get the detail I wanted. If you are a seasoned crocheter, you know crocheting something tiny with fat yarn can be painful to do. With that said, while the body is crocheted in worsted weight, the horns are done in DK weight. I’ve included basic instructions for the horns in worsted weight, but only for people who don’t have the yarn on hand. I bet you could sculpt the horns with polymer clay for a nice effect.

triceratops amigurumi by awkwardsoul designs blue (1)

This pattern is one of my more complex patterns to date due to some of the shaping elements and more bits to sew on like the horns.

Finished Size: 8″ from tail tip to nose, 4″ tall, 3.5″ wide



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I’m planning to do a few more dinosaur patterns, though I’m unsure which dinosaur to tackle next. Maybe I’ll make a carnivore since all these triceratops are eating my herb plants!


Until next time!

triceratops amigurumi by awkwardsoul designs blue (2)

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