Sky Shopping Bag

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Market Bags. I’m addicted horribly. I mean, I get to buy bright cotton yarn and crochet up something fast and have a different looking bag each time I go buy fruit.  Oh, and the environment is saved slightly, yay! I find this bag is more sturdy, faster to make than my Fishnetty Bag.

IMG_8257 Sky Shopping Bag 1

You can download the PDF pattern for free by clicking download now (raverly link) or see below

Chain 29 with a 10mm hook.
Row 1.
DC in the 5 chain from the hook, followed by a Ch1 and DC in the same chain
(3 stitches completed in the 5 chain). *Skip 2. Work a V Stitch (DC, Ch1, DC) in the
same stitch* repeat until the end. (9 V Stitches Total.)
Continue adding V Stitches on the foundation chain underneath in the 2 Ch gaps.
Once you get to the end, do 1 V Stitch in the 5 chain starting gap. (18 V Stitches Total.)
Row 2.
Do not turn. Place a marker to indicate the beginning of each round. V Stitch in
each Ch1 gap from the previous row.
Row 3.
Repeat Row 2, finishing until you have 12 Rows completed. The bag will work
its self into a round.
To mimic the colour changes in the example, switch to a second colour on the 8 row and work 4 rows in this colour.

Lay your bag flat as possible and mark where you will put your handles, 2 V Stitches wide, on the corner edges of the bag.
Row 1.
HDC 4. Ch2 and turn. I find doing 1 HDC in the gap between V Stitches, 2 HDC
in the Ch1 Vstitch gap, and the last 1 HDC in the inbetween V Stitches works well.
Row 2.
Repeat this row 14 times, or until desired length.
Attach handle to the other side of the bag by slip stitching loosely both the handle
and the edge of the bag at the same time. Fasten off and weave ends.

Switch to a 6mm hook. With the front of the bag facing you, SC or HDC evenly around the top of the bag and handles. I used SC for the green bag, HDC for the blue bag with the main colour. Since the bag stretches, you want this to be somewhat loose, thus around 2 stitches in each V Stitch and 1 or 2 in the handle. Repeat for the other edge.

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3 thoughts on “Sky Shopping Bag

  1. Hi!
    I went to Michael’s for more yarn, and handed the cashier a sky shopping bag to pack my yarn. 3 things happened that I wanted to share with you.
    1. the clerk commented – Oh! Aren’t you crafty! (and me, shopping at a craft store…)
    2. the lady behind me loved the bag, I told her a bit about it and how to find the pattern, and she shared a quick slipper pattern with me
    3. back in the car, musing about how funny 1 and 2 were, the lady getting out of her car next to me, peered in and asked me to roll down my window. I proceeded to give her the name, keywords and your blog name so that she can find the pattern.

    I think it’s safe to call the bag a conversation piece 🙂

    If you’re ever over in Port Coquitlam, you can expect to see an explosion in crochet string bags this spring.

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