Space and Deodorant Yarn at Daiso

Happy day! I discovered Daiso Japan stores have been popping up all over southern California. This is awesome! I’ve often visited Daiso back in Richmond, BC Canada and it’s an awesome store for crafts (and gift boxes,  cute pencil cases, toys, japanese dishes, tea gear, cute storage bins, candy, kitchen stuff, cute stationary, mittens, makeup, carbon deodorizers, decorative jars, travel gear) and it’s all $2! Well, in the US everything is $1.50! WOOOOOOOOOT more of a deal!

This Daiso in Torrance just opened so some of the stock was meh compared to the one back home. No bead kits or eyes of any type. The yarn selection was interesting though:

Spaced dyed yarn.. umm what? For $1.50 this yarn can’t of been launched into orbit then dyed? Besides that, this yarn might make an interesting sock. I didn’t purchase any because I don’t know how much yardage I need for socks, but I’ll be back!

I googled and found out Space Dyeing is a dyeing technique also known as “dip dyeing”… BOOOOOOOO! I want actual space yarn!



The next interesting find is this:


I’ve purchased antibacterial yarn from Daiso, but not deodorant yarn. I’m not sure if there is a difference or not and no one has compared the two so far.  I did purchase this ball so once I get around to using it I’ll see how it works up. They did have a good range of bright colours – green, blue, red, yellows and staples of black and white – so this would be an interesting amigurumi yarn to try out. I might have to get more of this yarn and report back.

5 thoughts on “Space and Deodorant Yarn at Daiso

    • Hopefully they open more stores across Canada. Before they just had one in Richmond, then like 1 or 2 in northern california. Now theres 12 in the US!

  1. I’ve bought the same yarn from Daiso as you too because I’m thinking of stitching a scarf. Do you know what needle size would be suitable to use along with this yarn?

    • I think it was pretty close to fingering yarn, so around 2.5-3.5mm would do the trick.
      If you were doing lace, I think it would work up nicely with 4.5mm.

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