Blanket Achievement Unlocked!

I finished a blanket! My first blanket! It only took…….. almost 3 years.

I took so long that the pattern was taken down, however googling up “Star Crochet Blanket” you will get lots of variations of the same kind of blanket.

My Ravelry Project Page for the Star Blanket
The blanket started as this around May 2010:
star blanket -progress

Progress around October 2010 – the edges are touched the side of the double bed!
star blanket wip

and is now this, as of Mid February 2013 – The final result. My star blanket measures about 74″ wide, though it is hard to measure since this blanket has 5 points


The blanket on a california king sized bed! The points drape a little of the sides of the bed.


There is a neat story to this blanket. I intended to make this blanket for my boyfriend – something he can use on his computer chair. Thinking back, I didn’t think this project was going to take this long and boring to make – definitely not a gift for a boyfriend! Anyways, I took this blanket with me to visit my boyfriend, who was long distance, and left the stupid project there to work on during visits.

It dragged and draaaaaaaaaggggged on for me to finish the blanket. Each round went up 30 stitches. Doing never ending double crochets is painfully boring, especially for a crocheter like me who likes small projects or a knitter who like lace and more interest. Often I’d do a side of a point, then put the project down to do something else. Once the blanket got really big, I refused to work on it during the summer as it was too warm sitting on my lap while I worked.

My boyfriend became my husband, and he complained sometimes that I never finished his blanket. I finally cracked down and worked on the beast of a blanket for a week, trying to get it done. My goal was to finish all the yarn I had – which was 3 jumbo balls of bulky weight. There was a few panic moment with the red as I had just enough to do the last round with like 4 inches to spare!

Finally, once the blanket was done – I handed it to my husband, who snuggled with it the entire evening and was very happy with it. Then he put it on my papsan chair and napped there for awhile.

IMG_2874(it’s hard to see, but behind the chair is a mountain of yarn.)

Uggg. I don’t think I’ll make this kind of boring blanket for awhile. I know it was a faster blanket project than most, since I used bulky weight yarn, but I’m more of a smaller scale project type.

I’m going to stick to small projects for awhile, like turtles and dolphins.