Summer Farmer’s Market Bags!

Summer is here and farmers markets are in! Benson is 2 lbs right now and can eat a huge handful of cilantro in one sitting! Then he gives me a mean look “That’s it? Not even a dessert?” Okay fine, have a strawberry.


That little bugger can eat so much produce! With that said, I need to buy up the cheap produce that is popping up and make some more crochet bags to put it in! You ever notice that you crochet or knit certain items depending on the season? I tend to make bags in the summer. They are a fast project of 1-4 hours, useful and impressive gifts.

First, I had to locate some cheap cotton yarn so I don’t have to bust into my expensive Egyptian cotton stash. I found some at a closeout at a japanese store – $0.50 a ball!

Too bad they only had green. A very nice green though with a weird set-up to get at the ends.

The yarn also came with an intense lacey sweater pattern rolled inside the ball. I’ll pass for now.

The pattern I used is one I put up for free a summer or two ago:

For this particular bag, I made 2 handles instead of one (10 rows each) and made the bag body 31 ch wide by 16 rows high.

The bag’s first job: Watermelon for watermelon juice! My amigurumi Boomkin is thirsty and is low on mana!


Of course, string crochet bags are great – they can hold heavy objects and look cool. They also roll up into a small bundle which is sometimes more convenient than the store bought bags.

I also saved $0.10 since Long Beach charges for bags. Errr.. well with the difference of yarn, I spent $0.40 but in a couple visits I save!

Now to make 4 more *dies*


Now, another picture of a typical day of my married life:

“More strawberries!”

(I thought the rabbits were supposed to look disapproving and not the husbands…)

Silver Fox and Loppy Bunny

I’ve been missing in action the last while because I moved from Vancouver Canada to Southern California. Wow I see sun! I haven’t seen sun since early fall!

After that, I had to wait for my stuff to get shipped over then find the yarn (in a large crushed box).

Then, I got working:

I had the idea to do a grey/silver fox. Pretty neat effect, though the whole time my husband thought I was making a squirrel.

Sadly, he is surrounded by orange foxes! Either way, I posted him and his orange brother fro adoption at my Etsy Shop. As always, you can purchase the pattern at my Etsy Shop or via Ravelry (no account needed) to make your own fox.

I did change the eyes I used. On the left is the 8mm eyes. For the new foxes I tried the 10mm eyes which I think made a huge difference!

In other news, I have a new addition to the family (not including my husband):

His name is Benson P. “P” stands for a name I wanted to give him, but not acceptable of a name.. *cough* Pooper *cough*. I almost named him “Lute” but he seemed more like a Benson. He is a Holland lop with the helicopter ear thing going on – his right ear sticks straight up with the left lopping down. His ears are 90% like that – after he cleans his ears they go into horizontal-copter-mode, but that one ear pops back into the air after a few minutes.
I got him from Roaring Heights Rabbitry and found them to very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and love rabbits! They also have many many cute lionheads and dwarfs too!
So Benson in the pictures above was 8 weeks. He is now close to 10 weeks and growing (and eating and pooping) lots! He loves oats, nosing people and throwing toys.

(fyi, we had no news paper at that time, thus cage looking like a bad setup)
Sadly, I had to leave my hamster Chestnut back in Canada. I was flying to California plus he is close to 2 years old and probably wouldn’t of made the trip. Rest assured, I have a close friend caring for him.

As a final picture, this is what my married life looks like:

Yep. Husband vegging out on his computer + disapproving rabbit on his lap.

Ham and Bun

So I apparently lied and I did have time (and space) for another Amigurumi Critter variation. I love rabbits! As a teenager on a farm, we had 50 rabbits at one point. When I was in university I got a netherland dwarf rabbit that was 3 pounds of disapproval and hate (when there was no treats involved). Bunito was awesome, he wasn’t the cuddly type, but he love to explore and was always up to mischief. He passed away a few years ago at the age of 8 by a stroke. Now I kinda want another rabbit again.

Meet “Bun”
Bun 2

Bun is a doe-eyed rabbit made from my Amigurumi Critter pattern, with addition to longer ears and a pompom tail. I think my next rabbit I want a black and white one like this… or a flemish giant (to my boyfriend’s horror).

Bun 1

So for peeps for have the pattern, the ear modification is using the ear for the Hamster/Squirrel and adding an additional 6 rows of all Single Crochet.

Ham and Bun 2
Some more pics of “Ham” as I failed in my first post about this pattern and didn’t have additional pictures of him.
Ham and Bun 1
Rabbit disapproval all the way

Read my blog entry on the Amigurumi Critter pattern

the pattern (via Ravelry, no account needed) or via my Etsy shop.

And totally check out my nails this week:
Bumble bee shatter look
Sally Hansen HD in “Lite” with OPI “Black Shatter”.

I was rocking just “Lite” and I had only complaints of “EWWWW YELLOW NAILS”. I’m unsure whether I just liked the yellow as a colour and just bypassed yellow looks bad on me/kinda icky as nails. Who knows. Either way, I did some shatter ontop and it looks wicked!
Yellow nails!