Dolphin version 3 – updated colour work!

Sigh, sorry crochet peeps. I redid the colour work on my Dolphin pattern AGAIN! I dislike updating a pattern like this as I wish I got it right the first time!


I was making the dolphin for a commission and was really unhappy with the colour work. Annoyingly with spiral rounds is the rows don’t perfectly stack, especially on decrease rows. With that said, the tummy block would begin to spiral out and bend.

I moved stitches around and improved the colour work A LOT so the tummy is a straight natural shape. Took 2 attempts to get it right!

Left: old tummy work. Right: improved new tummy

I can see why lots of amigurumi patterns don’t do colour switching, they often would just sew on another shape as it is hard to mess with the spiral rounds not stacking plus taking 3D shapes into account. Phew, I did pull it off though resulting in a very cute dolphin. The colour changes are still kinda tedious, so this pattern is not for a new crocheter.

I posted the Dolphin pattern changes on my Pattern Errata page for peeps who already purchased the pattern. All dolphin patterns sold will now have the new tummy colour chart.

You can purchase my Dolphin Amigurumi Pattern at my Etsy Shop or via Ravelry by clicking this  thing! You do not need a Ravelry account to purchase the pattern.


Apparently my Dolphin Amigurumi tastes good to rabbits. Benson photobombed the photo session to lick and paw the dolphins. Sigh.

Dolphin, version 2

Amigurumi Dolphin

I revised my Dolphin pattern to include a white tummy. Unfortunately, this was a horrible painful process that I wouldn’t recommend a newb crocheter to attempt.

The white tummy is crocheted at the same time as the entire body. My pattern philosophy is sewing additional parts sucks! However my hatred of sewing comes at a price of insane yarn colour changes. So if you can handle lots of yarn ends, go for it! At least in amigurumi you hide the yarn ends inside the form, so there is no ends to weave in. You can knot them as ugly as you want and no one will ever see (unless you rip it open.. but who would do that?)

Making this guy did make me realize spiral rounds actually spiral around (duh) not making the form even when a block of colour is added. I didn’t account for this much in this modification, but it’s only noticeable if you look under the tail >__< uggg.

Amigurumi Dolphin
Amigurumi Dolphin

The final product is pretty cute though <3

Amigurumi Dolphin

Pattern Available at My Etsy Shop or via Ravelry (no account needed).

On another note, my eye order from CR crafts arrived. 450 eyes and 36 noses (I’m insane). Most of the eyes are clear and I went for larger eyes
– 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. I’m working on another insane yarn colour changing pattern, so I’m happy I can progress further now that I have the eyes!

Dolphin Amigurumi *splash splash*

I find it very odd that all my current online published patterns are sea creatures. Okay Okay, I love octopi – I had to make a pattern. Jellyfish was a good second. The Orca pattern came about because my boyfriend wanted one.

Dolphin? Eeeeeh, I guess a test in skill on my shaping ability. That and I couldn’t find a dolphin pattern that was more cutesy. Personally, I’m not one for realism in the amigurumi I create. Realistic crocheted creatures look great, don’t get me wrong, but I like simplicity and cuteness <3

Dolphin Amigurumi 2

Unfortunately, this Dolphin is not as simple as my previous patterns. >__<
First was making the mouth not look like a nipple O__O that was difficult. Of course, a nipple mouth would of been easier, and I could of join the bandwagon of feminist-inspired stuff I could show off at work, but really – that doesn’t look like a dolphin, especially cute ones. Next was keeping the body in a dolphin shape, without making it too round or long ‘n realistic.

Finally – the tail was a pain! I frogged the thing about 6 times until I got the shape and length just right. I ended up with too many skinny tails with adding extra rows and decreases. Crochet can do some magical things with well placed increases or decreases… and sometimes it just fails altogether.

One thing that I regret was not making the tummy white. I just didn’t feel like colour changing that much, as it is constructed in a long shape. However, I might try it in the future, with blue and white. That would look cute (and be a terror to crochet)

With that said, it’s a cute pattern for someone who wants more sea critters (especially cute ones) . Not a beginner’s crocheter pattern, but still easier to follow than the more realistic dolphin patterns out there.

The pattern is up at Etsy for $3.50 usd.
Dolphin Amigurumi 3

*splash splash*