Owl Bears and Beasts! Oh My!


Owl bears or Owl beasts. I didn’t know about them until World of Warcraft seeing Moonkins running around and my boyfriend (now husband) at the time saying they are Owl Bears taken from Dungeons & Dragons.

I never got into the paper and pen RPG world, only really recently shown by my husband, who has many many RPG books. I was more of a “play RPGs on my video console” girl, loving old Final Fantasys and Dragon Quest.

While I’m STILL bashing my head over my pattern creation block on a certain item that has taken 7 attempts, my husband was suggesting various D&D creatures I could crochet (probably for him to play with and show off while doing a game, oh I love him). Owl Bear came up right away as I had a pattern written down already that could be stripped down.
Of course, I never shared this pattern nor was it tested yet. I liked this amigurumi being an original – my favorite amigurumi I ever made:


From my times on WOW, I loved Boomkins. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was my husband playing one and we RAF’d together so I saw his all the time. Then I had one and I loved it more than my main and I rather play it than my main, despite crappier gear + I sucked with a druid. Whatever, having fun counts right?
I think they are cute and silly! Anyways, I spent many hours on my boomkin “Boomykins” herbing and digging holes. I had to make my own. Then I did.. then I took a crazy pencil I got from a friend and turned it into a staff. Then I showed him to all my friends and they thought I’ve become more nutty with age.

So I redid the pattern and made it and Owl Bear – which is really cute on its own. Teeny claws and cute attitude.

IMG_1024The pattern is up at my Etsy Store or through Ravelry (no account needed).

I went into crazy amount of pictures and detail on each part and how to sculpt the claws/horns/antlers with polymer clay. Then of course, lots of options so you can make an Owl Bear the way you think it should look like – head shape options, ruffles, white tummies and horns.

As always, check out my Amigurumi Commissions section if you would like to arrange for a completed Owl Bear for your very own.

I’m going to do a few more Dungeons & Dragons creatures (why does everyone say I need to do an “Invisible Stalker” or whatever it is called? Then I google it and feel like an idiot every time!)

Dragon Quest IX Heal Slime cutie

I enjoy a good RPG video game. Dragon Quest is classic – I remember the first Dragon Quest being brutally hard as it was grinding slimes forever. I also remember spending way too much time in Dragon Quest 8 in the casino playing bingo >__<

When I got my manicured nails on Dragon Quest 9 I was ultra happy – I can customize my team and their looks. That’s just what a girl wants! Also I can be as vain as I want and not equip tacky gear, or ensure the gear matches.

During my Dragon Quest downtime, I started working on a healslime – my favourite monster in the game.

HealSlime - DQ 9 - 2

How’d I do it? I modified my Jelly Jellyfish pattern!
Available at my Etsy shop or through Ravelry (you do not need a Ravelry account).

I used the same design for the head (shapewise only). For arms, I created six Chain14, HDC (Half Double Crochet) in the second chain, HDC to the end. I also made two longer arms with 24 Chains. For the HDC, I inserted the hook into the “bump” ends of the chain to ensure smooth similar edging. I sewed the arms to form a circle and embroidered a mouth. The mouth, I found, was the hardest as I got all psycho perfectionist.

HealSlime - DQ 9 - 1

Cute, eh?

I just need to make the Dragon Quest sound effects to go with him.