Ham and Bun

So I apparently lied and I did have time (and space) for another Amigurumi Critter variation. I love rabbits! As a teenager on a farm, we had 50 rabbits at one point. When I was in university I got a netherland dwarf rabbit that was 3 pounds of disapproval and hate (when there was no treats involved). Bunito was awesome, he wasn’t the cuddly type, but he love to explore and was always up to mischief. He passed away a few years ago at the age of 8 by a stroke. Now I kinda want another rabbit again.

Meet “Bun”
Bun 2

Bun is a doe-eyed rabbit made from my Amigurumi Critter pattern, with addition to longer ears and a pompom tail. I think my next rabbit I want a black and white one like this… or a flemish giant (to my boyfriend’s horror).

Bun 1

So for peeps for have the pattern, the ear modification is using the ear for the Hamster/Squirrel and adding an additional 6 rows of all Single Crochet.

Ham and Bun 2
Some more pics of “Ham” as I failed in my first post about this pattern and didn’t have additional pictures of him.
Ham and Bun 1
Rabbit disapproval all the way

Read my blog entry on the Amigurumi Critter pattern

the pattern (via Ravelry, no account needed) or via my Etsy shop.

And totally check out my nails this week:
Bumble bee shatter look
Sally Hansen HD in “Lite” with OPI “Black Shatter”.

I was rocking just “Lite” and I had only complaints of “EWWWW YELLOW NAILS”. I’m unsure whether I just liked the yellow as a colour and just bypassed yellow looks bad on me/kinda icky as nails. Who knows. Either way, I did some shatter ontop and it looks wicked!
Yellow nails!

Amigurumi Critter Pattern – Fox, Squirrel, Penguin, Chick and Hamster oh my!

Foxes, Squirrels, Penguins, Baby Chicks, Hamsters OH MY!

Group shot!
Amigurumi Critters 1

This pattern seriously took me almost 8 months to finish. Why? School interference, computer breaking down taking my progress photos with it and mass pattern testing.

My idea was to make a template body and from there, branch off into multiple creatures. Of course, testing each critter was a pain and took awhile.

Amigurumi Critters 2

Plotting together

Amigurumi Critters 3

5 pin bowling…. mebe

Onto each of the critters!

Squirrel 2 Squirrel 1
Squirrel – I modelled this guy after the polymer clay version I’ve created. Super cute and cheeky!

Fox 2 Fox 1
Foxy – My own interpretation of a cute fox with extra stumpyness. The tail is ultra cute!

Amigurumi Critters 6
Amigurumi Critters 5

all tails

Penguin 2 Penguin 1
Penguin – my prototype for a Prinny… Keep an eye out, once I got spare time, he’s becoming a Prinny.. Dood.

Chickie – was my pattern hint awhile back cuuute!

Amigurumi Critters 4

Oddly, I didn’t take many pics of Hammy the Hamster, but you may remember his sneak preview shot.
Preview 2

Phew, that was a lot of pics and tons of work. With this pattern, I also added 7 variations that I have no freaking time to crochet them all and test!

To get started on making your own critter, buy now via Ravelry (no account needed!) or visit my Etsy Shop to snag a pattern!


I’ve been chipping away at a new pattern that is taking longer than expected because I keep adding parts to it!

I also have this new critter distracting me

Who wants me to make popsicle stick houses and feed him snacks all day… and thinking about crocheted ham houses. His name is “Chestnut” <3 cute!

Ah yes, that new pattern. Here is another preview:
Preview 2