Octopus and Jellyfish best friends!

Someone requested I crochet up a green octopus and blue jelly jellyfish for adoption. Here’s a pic of the two before they went swimming to their new home:

Super cute best friends!

The colour combination of the two sea creatures went very well together!

In other news, I survived my wedding and all the family has left finally, PHEWWWW!

Right now I’m back to working on new patterns and I will be taking commissions for the Christmas holidays of 2012. In between that, I will be making amigurumi that will be selling at my Etsy shop in time for winter holidays!  Check my shop to see what is up, or feel free to commission me if you would like to purchase a specific amigurumi and I will reserve it for you.


Glamour Jellyfish

I don’t know what is up with the Jellyfish I crochet. Not sure if they are all ultra dreamy or wanna-be models or what.

This jelly fell off the upper-rung of my shelf and onto the top of my scanner. And he sat there like this for awhile. I scratched my head, as I didn’t pose him but he looked so well posed. The day I needed my scanner back, I snapped a photo before I had to move him.

(if you are interested in the jellyfish pattern, it is up for sale at My etsy shop or via Ravelry (you do not need an account at Ravelry to purchase).

For other strange creatures, I have this freaking grey sea gull, I’ve renamed “Gul Dukat”. He’s pesky and visits my balcony every day, sometimes twice a day. I have not ever fed him. I’m making a cup of tea and I peer over my balcony and he’s there, peering into my apartment.

Not sure what he wants. He sometimes makes his seagull noise and head-bobs. Most of the time he just stands there looking into my place.


Amigurumi Glamour Shots

In order to sell pre-made amigurumi on My Etsy store I had to take some photos.. glamour shots.

So my camera isn’t high-end amazing, it’s a Canon PowerShot SD750 7.1mega pixel that I bought back around 2007ish, however it has served me well for my photography needs at this time (well… not counting when I take it to concerts, then it’s kinda crap).

Onto the photos!

Big Momma Orca
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet

Baby Orca
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet

And the most photogenic of all, Blue Jelly!
Jellyfish crochet amigurumi
*Jellyfish salute*
Jellyfish crochet amigurumi
I don’t know why my jellyfish amigurumi are always so photogenic and love to pose.

I should mention I froze my ass doing the outdoor pictures as it was 2 or 3 Celsius outside.

Wahhh, coming at us!
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet

100% unknown yarn bits

I see this crazy Factory Mill Ends 100% unknown fiber yarn at walmart and zellers a lot. Majority of the time, it is on clearance for crazy cheap. One day, it was on just too cheap for 1 pound of yarn, so I bought 3 colours (hot pink, nuclear yellow, and blue) that would work on amigurumi.

100% unknown yarn

So… what the hell is this yarn? I have no clue. The 3 packages I bought seem very similar in texture and thickness, though there are different styles and colours. The ones I bought had no gauge listed, but it seems like a DK yarn thickness.

I made a nice pink Jellyfish outta the stuff for a test
 Pink Jellyfish May 2011

+ Hella cheap, 1 pound of yarn!
+ Vibrant colours (though might not be available all the time)
+ Shiny finish

This yarns main feature is it’s cheapness. If you need 1 pound of hot pink yarn to make your amigurumi octopus world takeover, this stuff is up your alley. This yarn worked smoothly through my fingers when crocheting.

– No listed dye lot
– No listed gauge
– 100% unknown fibers / not much information
– Ultra squeaky to work with
– not durable to frogging
– strands fall apart

Having no dye lot is kind of bad. There is a ton of yarn, but in the event you are in a middle of an octopus in your amigurumi octopus takeover army, the colours may not match. Or maybe it will, I don’t know. As I said earlier, it appears to be a DK gauge, but it is not listed. What you saw on the photo is all the information I got on this stuff.
What the hell are the washing instructions anyways? CRAP

To work with this yarn, at first I had to try multiple types of hooks as it was just too squeaky and resistant to some of my crochet hooks. My Boyle hooks were a no go, unless I wanted to wrestle crochet. I ended up using a Daiso hook that is more metal feeling that lacks a finish on it.
From there, the first few rows were just annoying with the yarn not staying twisted together and being very squeaky. Once I adapted, I found it fine to work with, but it is not the kind of yarn that is easy to use.

Since I was trying to determine my gauge, I frogged a few jelly heads – and whatever I frogged I just tossed. The yarn was too fuzzy and splitting apart to deal with.

– The 100% unknown fiber, I feel, is less of an issue with amigurumi, as it is not a worn item, however this may be an issue for other people. I would be weary of using this yarn if it is for a large project for someone to snuggle with, in regards to people who are sensitive to wool.

 Pink Jellyfish May 2011

Factory Mill Ends 100% “what the hell is this stuff” yarn will serve you well to make your evil octopus world takeover amigurumi army…. once you get past the wrestling crochet to learn to work with this yarn. I think that’s what would make your octopus army more evil. The army will be expendable, as if you frog it, the octopus is considered gone for good. If a dozen of your octopi get bombed, the materials was expendable anyways.
I don’t think I’d use this yarn to make worn items, it is not worth the risk for washing failure or allergic reaction. (Would it even survive a hand washing in cold? Would it be able to block?)

With that said, try this yarn if you are the patient type, on a budget, hell bent on making a large quantity of amigurumi.

Here’s another Jellyfish
 Pink Jellyfish May 2011
(if you are interested in the jellyfish pattern, it is up for sale at My etsy shop or via Ravelry (you do not need an account at Ravelry to purchase).

Dragon Quest IX Heal Slime cutie

I enjoy a good RPG video game. Dragon Quest is classic – I remember the first Dragon Quest being brutally hard as it was grinding slimes forever. I also remember spending way too much time in Dragon Quest 8 in the casino playing bingo >__<

When I got my manicured nails on Dragon Quest 9 I was ultra happy – I can customize my team and their looks. That’s just what a girl wants! Also I can be as vain as I want and not equip tacky gear, or ensure the gear matches.

During my Dragon Quest downtime, I started working on a healslime – my favourite monster in the game.

HealSlime - DQ 9 - 2

How’d I do it? I modified my Jelly Jellyfish pattern!
Available at my Etsy shop or through Ravelry (you do not need a Ravelry account).

I used the same design for the head (shapewise only). For arms, I created six Chain14, HDC (Half Double Crochet) in the second chain, HDC to the end. I also made two longer arms with 24 Chains. For the HDC, I inserted the hook into the “bump” ends of the chain to ensure smooth similar edging. I sewed the arms to form a circle and embroidered a mouth. The mouth, I found, was the hardest as I got all psycho perfectionist.

HealSlime - DQ 9 - 1

Cute, eh?

I just need to make the Dragon Quest sound effects to go with him.

Jelly Jellyfish Amigurumi with extra BOOOIIOONNG!

Jellyfish Amigurumi - Feb 2010

Curly tentacles are cuuuuuuuute!

I figure I need coverage of this creation of mine before I forget! Jelly jellyfish was one amigurumi that I’ve made several attempts at getting right. I got around 3 jellyfish floating.. errr.. swimming in my room as well, different patterns.

Jellyfish Amigurumi 1 - May 2009

Above was my first attempt at a jellyfish. I was actually making an octopi, but felt the head was too squat for my liking. He is soooo cute, but was annoying to construct. Plus I thought the pattern was too small.

Jellyfish parent and baby

The yellow “mama” jellyfish was made with the same pattern… though I think I put the eyes in the wrong spot. I made this one with that Red Heart Super Saver (See my review of this yarn) So she came out bigger, but still small. Also, this is when I discovered the yarn is better for bigger things, as I found the tentacles came out too big for the body, when the pattern works with other yarns fine! Similarly, I made the teal “baby” in baby yarn with longer ruffles… he is super cute (maybe I should revisit the pattern?), though again, hard to construct. I did another jellyfish, which is in pieces as I got fed up with the construction and decided to start over again.

I prefer easy seaming. After re-doing the pattern, there is little seaming – and the ruffles hide the tentacles so you can crappily knot them on and no one will know! Muhhahahahah! Shoot.. now you know… >__<

jellyfish - Feb 2010

I showed my roommate’s baby the Jelly Jellyfish and he yanked on the legs. Add a “Booooing!” sound and it’s an instant happy-laughing baby!

Other than showing off my design (and my kickass blanket from IKEA), one shouldn’t be afraid to revise patterns. You can make something complicated, but there are ways to make it easier. Also, sometimes it takes a couple tries to get a pattern down.

Jelly Jellyfish Amigurumi Pattern is available at my etsy store! http://www.etsy.com/shop/AwkwardSoul or through Ravelry (you do not need a Ravelry account to purchase).