Here Kitty Kitty Hat

I always wanted to have a hat with ears, but everything looked too ugly or cheezy for me.

This pattern, (or ravelry ) is ultra cute, but I made it and it turned out way to freaking small, holey gauge loose and icky. It didn’t help there was no gauge listed or nothing. The fail cat hat was promptly gifted to my roommate who has a smaller head than me, and doesn’t care if his hat covers his ears or not.

Determined, I redid the pattern and listed my gauge. The fail part was I don’t know what yarn I was using, I just remember it is a Bernat that is discontinued (I think). However, I did make another one with Bernat Haven and that turned out just as well.

kitty hat 3

gauge for 3” = 11 sts x 18 rows
Bulky yarn with 5.5mm needles

CO 40
K2, P2 ribbing for 5 rows
Work a Stockinette (Knit one side, purl the other) for 11.5” (not including ribbing)
P2, K2 ribbing for 5 rows (to ensure the rib continues on the backside of hat)

Bind off, weave in ends. Seamlessly sew up the sides, folding the hat in half and starting the stitches at the “ears”.

Kitty hat 1

It should look like this, very uninteresting and rectangular. Mine is kinda wide on the ends from me wearing it >__<

However, once you put it on, it takes on the kitty ears!

Kitty hat 2

I’ve actually made 3 of these now. One I did at work which I wear there (the clients think I’m either a cat or a horned creature) and the other I gave away before I could take a picture (a late xmas gift).

Most of the photos I took here I was lazy so I used my new webcam. Hehe, I don’t need to hold up a camera, yay!