I love it when my nails match….

I love it when my nails match my crochet or knitting project. See below:

<3 <3 <3 I LOVE IT! <3 <3 <3

I've started making Dragon Fly Wings (ravelry link) for something to do on the skytrain or my work breaks. The last few days I was doing amigurumi, but I found it to be tedious as I’d lose parts, or my scissors, or need to put it down until I had access to my doll eyes and stuffing.
So far, the pattern is pretty straight forward (and good for a free pattern).

I found this wonderful yarn, Shadow Lace in “Foxtrot” from KnitPicks and I had to buy it. When I was in California with my fiance, he rolled the hanks into balls (his favourite job).

Oh.. and the amazing polish I’m wearing? Magnetic polish! <3

I snagged the Layla “Turquoise Wave” from London Drugs and the LCN “Iron Magic” and “Fushia Attraction” (which I’m wearing) with a star magnet from NailPolishCanada. Magnetic polish is overall pricey, but the end result is a neat effect.

Too bad I don’t have an amigurumi project I’m working on that is a lavendery purple. At the moment for amigurumi I’m in a “Mass production/ Orca breeding pit” mode.

Ham and Bun

So I apparently lied and I did have time (and space) for another Amigurumi Critter variation. I love rabbits! As a teenager on a farm, we had 50 rabbits at one point. When I was in university I got a netherland dwarf rabbit that was 3 pounds of disapproval and hate (when there was no treats involved). Bunito was awesome, he wasn’t the cuddly type, but he love to explore and was always up to mischief. He passed away a few years ago at the age of 8 by a stroke. Now I kinda want another rabbit again.

Meet “Bun”
Bun 2

Bun is a doe-eyed rabbit made from my Amigurumi Critter pattern, with addition to longer ears and a pompom tail. I think my next rabbit I want a black and white one like this… or a flemish giant (to my boyfriend’s horror).

Bun 1

So for peeps for have the pattern, the ear modification is using the ear for the Hamster/Squirrel and adding an additional 6 rows of all Single Crochet.

Ham and Bun 2
Some more pics of “Ham” as I failed in my first post about this pattern and didn’t have additional pictures of him.
Ham and Bun 1
Rabbit disapproval all the way

Read my blog entry on the Amigurumi Critter pattern

the pattern (via Ravelry, no account needed) or via my Etsy shop.

And totally check out my nails this week:
Bumble bee shatter look
Sally Hansen HD in “Lite” with OPI “Black Shatter”.

I was rocking just “Lite” and I had only complaints of “EWWWW YELLOW NAILS”. I’m unsure whether I just liked the yellow as a colour and just bypassed yellow looks bad on me/kinda icky as nails. Who knows. Either way, I did some shatter ontop and it looks wicked!
Yellow nails!

Go Canucks!

Today is game 6 of the playoffs and Vancouver is a nutty place to be. Worse is that I work in downtown Vancouver and the crowds are crazy during a game!

Despite the crazyness, I was able to finish my skytrain knitting project, which is a project I bring with me when I’m on the train to work (and work breaks lol).
Brown sock 4
Brown sock 3

I used 2 circular needles and it was much easier than 5 DPNS of hell. The sock pattern is http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/basic-ribbed-socks and it was okay. The gusset and toe directions could of been written better but I got through it. It’s sized for a guy’s foot, so it’s a little too big for me.

Brown sock 2

Close up shot:
Brown sock 1

While we are on about the Canucks, I did a couple Canucks manicures myself to get into the spirit of things. Annoyingly, these manicures got the most compliments from strangers than any other ones I’ve done.
Nail polish used:
sinful colors – sanfransico
sinful colors- midnight blue
sinful colors- tokyo pearl
La rosa – 07 green crackle

Canucks manicure 1

Canucks manicure 2

This manicure is the same manicure as above, but I added a green crackle ontop to be lazy and keep my manicure longer.
Canucks manicure 2 with crackle