Octopus and Jellyfish best friends!

Someone requested I crochet up a green octopus and blue jelly jellyfish for adoption. Here’s a pic of the two before they went swimming to their new home:

Super cute best friends!

The colour combination of the two sea creatures went very well together!

In other news, I survived my wedding and all the family has left finally, PHEWWWW!

Right now I’m back to working on new patterns and I will be taking commissions for the Christmas holidays of 2012. In between that, I will be making amigurumi that will be selling at my Etsy shop in time for winter holidays!  Check my shop to see what is up, or feel free to commission me if you would like to purchase a specific amigurumi and I will reserve it for you.


Now in green!

Easter octopus pair

I plan to make a rainbow of these one day – however I wish I had 8 colours of the same yarn to make it more symbolic!

Tako April 2011

I actually started the green octopus head so long ago that I forgot when. I was organizing my basket that contains active projects and found it – I’m guessing I made it at work one day and it got buried at the bottom of the basket.

(If you are interested in the pattern, it’s up at my etsy storeor buy now download via Raverly)

In other news, I got a couple amigurumi patterns I’m creating right now.
I got one pattern I’m creating that needs to be tested and written out nicely before I put it online. This is the one I posted a few hint pictures awhile back. There’s been a delay in the pattern being written out as this is when my old computer died with all my pictures I took of the pieces construction (cry).

I am also working on another one that I’m unsure if I’ll post the pattern as it’s more of a fan thing – but I’m on a snag with it right now as I need some buttons for it.

Tiny Crochet

I’ve been experimenting with size lately. First, I had some idea to make one of those thread yarn coaster things (of course, a spider web pattern) and it failed with me trying to crochet a round. Thread yarn and with a hook that small (1.4mm) was going to make me more blind! >__< This gives me even more respect for the people who can crochet that small!

So, next plan – How about some small amigurumis?
teeny orca 1

Making smaller amigurumis is very simple. Typically, amigurumis are made with worsted weight yarn with around 3.5mm to 4.25mm hook. For the tiny ones, I went for sport and fingering weight yarn and a much smaller hook and squinting eyes.
I followed my pattern the same, but with 2.5mm hook, sport weight yarn and 4mm safety eyes. For more on how I created this pattern, see my Orca post. I wish I had the normal sized Orca’s around to compare sizes. Either way, so teeny! For this Orca I added a little magnet in his tummy, he can become a fridge magnet for my boyfriend or something.

teeny orca 2

Changing the size via yarn weight is pretty easy. The only thing extra you will have to figure out is what hook to use with it and what size it’ll become. There is lots of great sock yarn out there, as well as baby type yarns.
Mini Tako 2

For the tiny octopus, I used a fingering weight yarn with again a 2.5mm hook. I was hoping he was going to be smaller, like the orca, but turned out a little bigger than excepted. He still looks like a baby compared to the worsted weight official pattern size.
Mini Tako 3

Maybe when I’m older and crazier I’ll try making those crochet thread doilies. Until then, teeny amigurumis!
Mini Tako 1

Patterns for the Orca and Octopus are available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/AwkwardSoul

Hello All! Introduction to Awkward Soul


I’m Char, and this is my first post in this blog.

I enjoy creating my own crochet patterns – feel free to check out my Etsy shop @  http://www.etsy.com/shop/AwkwardSoul

Tako - Amigurumi Pattern

Tako the Pirate / Sailor Octopus Amigurumi Pattern

Tako the first pattern I’ve posted online, however I’ve created other free form creations previously.

I started out making amigurumi with a banana pattern that I cannot find now. I started on japanese amigurumi books – crudely translating any important text and following charts to learn the basics of shaping with crochet. From there, I made many many octopi – as they are my favorite creature.

Thats it for now – I need to get back to crocheting!