Amigurumi Glamour Shots

In order to sell pre-made amigurumi on My Etsy store I had to take some photos.. glamour shots.

So my camera isn’t high-end amazing, it’s a Canon PowerShot SD750 7.1mega pixel that I bought back around 2007ish, however it has served me well for my photography needs at this time (well… not counting when I take it to concerts, then it’s kinda crap).

Onto the photos!

Big Momma Orca
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet

Baby Orca
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet

And the most photogenic of all, Blue Jelly!
Jellyfish crochet amigurumi
*Jellyfish salute*
Jellyfish crochet amigurumi
I don’t know why my jellyfish amigurumi are always so photogenic and love to pose.

I should mention I froze my ass doing the outdoor pictures as it was 2 or 3 Celsius outside.

Wahhh, coming at us!
Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Crochet

More Orcas

Sigh.. I’ve made a couple really cool projects, however I cannot post them until after christmas! They are all gifts and the recipients might find out what they are getting! Damn. The good thing is that I’m done all my holiday gift knitting/crocheting.

Well right now I’m inbetween projects, pattern creation hatred/break/slump, so I’ve been churning out some of my other patterns – Orca’s and Jellyfishes. Right now, I got a few orcas done.

Very cute!

I’ve plopped this guy into my Etsy Shop for adoption, however I don’t think he’ll last too long. I will have a few more and some jellyfish up by the end of this month. Due to time restraints and custom orders, me selling pre-made amigurumi might not come that often.

In other news, I’ve been trying to create a new pattern, but now I’m on my 6th revision UGGGGGG!! Though this also helping me streamline on tips for creating patterns to help you all out there in the future.

I also have to show this off:

My engagement ring! So happy it doesn’t snag on yarn when I’m crocheting or knitting!

Polymer Cute

Firstly, Happy Canada Day! ♫ ♫ ♫

Lately, I’ve been working on a blanket (ugggg hate large projects), fishnetty bags, plotting new amigurumi and sculpting.

Polymer clay (ya know, FIMO, Sculpey brands) seems more attractive at first for kids and bead making. However, they are lightweight, fast hardening time, paintable, and durable. Check out the tools and my Canada Day mani <3

I loved sculpting when I was in highschool, however never did anything past that as the materials are freaking expensive or messy (and I’m the type who really makes a mess). I found sculpting with polymer clay to fulfill that sculpting void in me. Try it out sometime!

I made a sculpture version of my Orca Amigurumi (not as round though)
Orca Charm

Another two I made:
Squirrel Charm
Chickie Charm

I put these one of a kind charms for adoption on my etsy page

♥ Check back soon for a new free pattern! ♥

Tiny Crochet

I’ve been experimenting with size lately. First, I had some idea to make one of those thread yarn coaster things (of course, a spider web pattern) and it failed with me trying to crochet a round. Thread yarn and with a hook that small (1.4mm) was going to make me more blind! >__< This gives me even more respect for the people who can crochet that small!

So, next plan – How about some small amigurumis?
teeny orca 1

Making smaller amigurumis is very simple. Typically, amigurumis are made with worsted weight yarn with around 3.5mm to 4.25mm hook. For the tiny ones, I went for sport and fingering weight yarn and a much smaller hook and squinting eyes.
I followed my pattern the same, but with 2.5mm hook, sport weight yarn and 4mm safety eyes. For more on how I created this pattern, see my Orca post. I wish I had the normal sized Orca’s around to compare sizes. Either way, so teeny! For this Orca I added a little magnet in his tummy, he can become a fridge magnet for my boyfriend or something.

teeny orca 2

Changing the size via yarn weight is pretty easy. The only thing extra you will have to figure out is what hook to use with it and what size it’ll become. There is lots of great sock yarn out there, as well as baby type yarns.
Mini Tako 2

For the tiny octopus, I used a fingering weight yarn with again a 2.5mm hook. I was hoping he was going to be smaller, like the orca, but turned out a little bigger than excepted. He still looks like a baby compared to the worsted weight official pattern size.
Mini Tako 3

Maybe when I’m older and crazier I’ll try making those crochet thread doilies. Until then, teeny amigurumis!
Mini Tako 1

Patterns for the Orca and Octopus are available at

Orca or is it Killer Whale? Amigurumi

Awkward Soul's original pattern - Amigurumi Orca

I’m guessing they are called both Orcas and Killer Whales, however in rainy Vancouver, Canada, I’ve mostly heard Killer Whale. My boyfriend calls them Orcas.

This pattern came about satisfying my nature to make things for other people. My boyfriend LOOOOOOVES orcas. I didn’t believe it when he told me, until I saw this little “shrine” of orca pictures and things he has on display in his room when he lived with his parents. I scratched my head at this, I don’t get it. I guess the male version of liking orcas is about how they are big whales that eat things and kill people… I don’t know. Whatever, I love my boyfriend to bits and all his weird-ass quirks (he’s cute too).

So the patterns out there mostly required felted tummy sewn on or couple pieces. I freaking hate all that extra work. One piece/less pieces to sew on = superior in my book. I remember making the Amy’s babies Katamari (excellent pattern by the way) and going apeshit making all those freaking nubs and sewing them on correctly. People who are close to me say I’m a perfectionist.. I don’t think I am, but I’ve frogged a project over one stitch error and for the orca pattern – sewn and removed the fins at least a dozen times to get correct placement.

So, I just said whatever, and just starting making an orca. I was planning to construct it from the nose to tail (like my later pattern, Dolphin Amigurumi) but I got real lazy and just kept crocheting along until I realized it’s nose is too small… or its a body of a tiny orca. Baby Orca was born! I added some colour changes – something I’ve seen moreso restricted to stripes in lots of amigurumi (prolly cuz of the spiral construction) and had this ultra cute Orca the size of my computer mouse – which I grabbed a couple times by accident, the dorsal fin spearing my palm. Orca does not = computer mouse!
- Baby Orca -

I then created a bigger one – as this pattern is damn cute, and selling the teeny version isn’t gonna cut it (now I got the idea to make a teeny one now, shit).

One thing I might change is the tail – its one piece tail (yay) is a little annoying to sew into the right shape.

The pattern is available on Etsy – and it’s pretty popular.

My boyfriend at first was all “Ugg, it’s cute!” but now he likes it – and the pair keep his other orca things company in his new house.

Orca Amigurumi