I can knit smoothly with this crochet hook…

One of my pet peeves is mistaking knitting for crocheting or crocheting for knitting.

crochet hooks?
I found this at my local Yoko Yaya (Japanese dollar store similar to Daiso), located in Downtown Vancouver. I tried lace crochet, but felt like I’d go blind doing it.. but the packaging sold me on its wrongness.. but hopefully not to encourage this.

Close up:
crochet hooks?  2

I’m not sure how smoothly I’d knit with a crochet hook.

To add to some more randomness… cookies I made for a “BAKE OFF!!” I had with a co-worker
skull cookies
I made with this recipe halved, with some cocoa powder.

More crochet stuff to come, I`ve been designing patterns right now (unsuccessfully) and been working quite a bit (16 hours OT shifts! ARGG!)