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I strive to design my patterns as simple as possible, but maintain great shaping. I personally do not like sewing on parts, so I try to design my amigurumi patterns with as little additional sewing required.

♥ Each pattern is in PDF Format and delivered instantly via email. The patterns feature step by step instructions, photos and instructions or links on any uncommon/complicated stitches.

♥ Patterns listed below direct you to Ravelry for payment via Paypal and Credit Card.  You will be emailed the pattern automatically once the transaction is complete. You do not need a Ravelry account to purchase, though is a good idea as the pattern is stored there if you need to download it again and be notified of updates.

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Amigurumi Patterns

The skill level of all the amigurumi patterns requires you to know the following: Crochet in the round/spiral, Single Crochet, crocheting with a tight gauge and sewing on parts.

Finished size may vary depending on your gauge, yarn and crochet hook you use.


Gopher Amigurumi Pattern – Need a gopher to punt around the office? This silly little gopher is for you! Gopher Amigurumi makes for a good beginner project as there isn’t much sewing involved and the shaping is simple. Ff you place the face and limbs wrong is it alright as the gopher is supposed to look kind of derpy anyway.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight yarn (2 to 3 colours), 8mm safety eyes, 10mm triangle animal nose, stuffing, fabric glue and yarn needed. Finished Size: 4.5″ tall, 2.5″ wide with worsted weight yarn and 4mm hook.

Gopher Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Awkwardsoul designs








Stegosaurus Dinosaur Pattern – My favorite dinosaur who likes to play in the salad spinner! This stegosaurus has realistic shaping and lots of plates and thagomizers for those ambitious crocheters. You can customize the look and number of plates on the stegosaurus back, as well as adjustments to neck, leg and tail length.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn, DK Weight Yarn (plates/thagomizer), 10mm safety eyes, stuffing, embroidery floss and a yarn needle. Finished Size: 9” long from tail tip to nose, 5” tall, 3” wide with worsted weight yarn and 4mm hook.

Stegosaurus Amigurumi by Awkward Soul Designs (2) PDF







Triceratops Dinosaur Pattern – RAWR, Triceratops Time! This friendly plant eating dinosaur is made with some extra shaping so it can stand on its own and look chubby cute! There is a little bit of room to adjust the horns and frill edging.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn (optional 2 colors for body and frill), DK Weight Yarn (horns), 12mm safety eyes, stuffing, embroidery floss and a yarn needle. Finished Size: 8” long from tail tip to nose, 4” tall, 3.5” wide with worsted weight yarn and 4mm hook.

triceratops amigurumi by awkward soul designs







Amigurumi Critter Pattern – My most popular pattern and a bargain! This pattern includes 5 creatures you can make – Fox, Chick, Bird/Penguin, Mouse/Hamster and Squirrel – with many variations such as cat, parrot, bunny, sheep and bear. Mix and match different ears, tails and beaks and create your own critter! Check out what I’ve done with the Amigurumi Critter Pattern! There is some colorwork in this pattern but is very easy to follow.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn in various colors (Main body, white, black, orange/yellow beak), Stuffing, 12mm to 15mm safety eyes, felt. Finished size: 4″ high, 4″ wide, up to 7″ long

2011-06-critterpdf $4.75 


Orca Killer Whale Amigurumi Pattern – Crochet up a pod of orcas! This pattern includes two sizes: Baby and Big Orca.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn in 2 colors (black and white), Stuffing, 8mm to 12mm safety eyes, felt.  Finished size: Baby Orca = 4″ long x 3.5″ tall. Big Orca = 5.5″ long x 5″ high



Crab Amigurumi Pattern – Crab Amigurumi has no weak spot for massive damage, only cute spots! This pattern is a quick project! I personally like the frowny face crab, but feel free to make the happy crab.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn, Stuffing, 8mm safety eyes, embroidery floss. Finished size: 2″ high, 5.5″ wide, up to 4″ long. The main body is around 3″ round

Crab Amigurumi pattner by AwkwardSoul (1) $4.75 


Turt the Turtle Amigurumi Pattern – Turt is a friendly crocheted turtle who likes to swim or sunbathe! This pattern is a quick project. Pattern includes two styles of flippers!

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn in 3 colors (shell top, shell underside, head/body), Stuffing, 8mm safety eyes. Optional materials: wire. Finished size: 2.5″ high, 4″ wide, up to 5″ long

turt the turtle amigurumi pattern - awkward soul designs $4.75 


Jelly Jellyfish Amigurumi Pattern – Looking for an easy beginner amigurumi style crochet project? Jelly Jellyfish is a simple pattern with a complex look. Jelly Jellyfish is a hit with children and also a quick project!

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn, Stuffing, 8mm to 12mm safety eyes, embroidery floss. Finished size: Legs dangling, approximately 7 inches tall. Sitting, 3 inches tall.

Jellyfish crochet amigurumi $4.49 


Dolphin Amigurumi Pattern – A beginner/intermediate amigurumi project due to the one piece shaping of the now and body. This pattern features a color chart so you can have a white tummy, which adds a bit of difficulty to the pattern.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn, Stuffing, 8mm to 12mm safety eyes, embroidery floss. Optional Material: white yarn. Finished size: 7″ long, 4.5″ tall and 5.5″ wide

dolphin pike and blue - awkwardsoul $4.75 


Squid Squidling Amigurumi Pattern – A fun amigurumi squid with personality! Mysteriously popular with the LARP crowd to throw at each other. This pattern features two sizes – Mini and Giant squid.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn, Stuffing, 12-15mm safety eyes. Finished size from head to tip of tentacles: MINI = 6.5” high, 3.5” wide. GIANT: 9.5” high, 5” wide.

IMG_0760 $4.49


Tako The Pirate (or Sailor) Octopus Amigurumi Pattern – Ahoy! Crochet an entire crew of octopi! The shaping of the head is well done, so no flat square headed octopi. Pattern includes sailor hat and eye patch instructions.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight Yarn, Stuffing, 12-15mm safety eyes. Finished size: approx. 5.5 inches tall

Tako - Amigurumi Pattern $4.49


Owl Bear Crochet Amigurumi Pattern – Looking for a cute gift for a RP Dungeons and Dragons fan? Want your own personal silly WOW moonkin? This pattern includes two head variations, neck fringe option and instructions to make claws and antlers/horns! This pattern is on the intermediate skill level due to its one piece body.

Materials needed: Worsted Weight or DK Yarn in various colors (body/head), Fun Fur novelty yarn, Stuffing, 10mm safety eyes, 15mm triangle nose, felt, polymer clay, buttons, felt. Optional Material: Plastic pellets. Finished size: 4.5″ high, 3″ wide, up to 3″ long worsted weight yarn – 3″ high, 2″ wide, 2″ long DK weight yarn

IMG_1046 $4.99 


Ghost Amigurumi Pattern – A very quick and simple crochet project that you can whip up for Halloween! These guys make great mobiles too! The mouth is made with cut out felt, so feel free to make various spooky shapes!

 Materials: Worsted Weight yarn in white, dark felt, fabric glue, 6mm safety eyes

ghost $1.99



Tawashi Dishcloths / Scrubbers Patterns

Ultra Nubby Scrubby Tawashi Dishcloth Pattern – these tawashi dishcloths make great bath/facial cloths or pot scrubbers. A great gift and a fun textured crochet project! This popular pattern includes 5 different patterns at a great price.

Materials: Cotton or antibacterial acrylic worsted weight yarn. Skill level: Easy – must be able to crochet in the round/spiral, chain stitch and single crochet.

Ultra nubby scrubby tawashi crochet dish cloth pattern $3.49 


Free Patterns

I have some free patterns available!

DavidsTea Gravity Steeper Cozy Crochet Pattern
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Spiral Nubby Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Sky Market Bag Crochet Pattern
sky shopping bag1

Fishnetty Market Bag Crochet Pattern
fishnetty bag

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